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The Tragedy

On July 4th I was driving alone with my service dog of almost 8 years of age, Dunkin’, in the rear seat towards the middle. I was pulled over on I-17 after being tailed for about one mile. The cop was very close to the rental car I was driving which was a gray Toyota corolla. The vehicle was due back on Sunday and I had planned on returning it, then utilizing the airport shuttle to catch my early flight back to New York’s La Guardia airport with Dunkin as my travel companion.

I pulled over to a safe spot on the shoulder of the road and the cop opened the door and drew out a shot gun. He actually AIMED it at me. I could see his eye aiming and it made no sense. I was shouted at and told to keep my hands where he can see them. This seemed very strange and not at all common for being pulled over. I could hear shot gun cocked and I realized that something was not right. I obeyed his shouts to keep my hands up and I allowed Dunkin to continue sleeping in order to keep us both calm. I was ordered to get out of the car, walk backwards without looking, and was very confused… I was going further and further away from Dunkin’.

I was shouted at to kneel, yelled at and then immediately cuffed and put in the back seat of a cop car. I immediately told him that my service animal is in the back of the car and to please be careful with him as he is license in NY state and is official for my Multiple Sclerosis. The car was overwhelmingly hot and my MS symptoms began as I tried breathing for fresh air. It was getting hotter and now he was drawing a weapon to the vehicle. I was very frightened that they would kill Dunkin’ as they looked like they would do so with the weapons drawn so intently.

The cop opened the rental car door which was nearest the I-17 traffic. Dunkin’ rested soundly on that side of the vehicle. When the door was opened, the cop let him get out of the car onto oncoming traffic. Dunkin’ got out of the vehicle confused. He ran into oncoming traffic, looking for me. His mission is to look for me, wherever I may be. As cars swerved and missed him… I screamed. I prayed and screamed at the top of my lungs for my companion’s safety. The cop S.D Soto (who was the one who aimed at me through his shotgun, also cuffed me) walked to the front of the car passenger area. He pulled out Dunkin’s fluorescent orange service vest and read the insert in his pocket which states that he is a service animal and he is protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. S.D Soto Read the facts, read my rental agreement (which was located on the passenger seat area) and continued to ignore my pleas for help and air conditioning.

At this point a red headed cop was on the scene too, along with a thicker sized blonde-red headed cop. I will never forget their faces. One wore shades, the other had glasses and piercing blue eyes. They completely ignored my existence and did not check on me. Someone chased Dunkin’ and I told them that he would ONLY come to me. I begged and pleaded to allow them to let me call for him. S.D Soto told me to shut up and I was annoying him. He said that he would gag me next, if I said another word and did not cooperate.

I noticed my wrists were really in a lot of pain and my body temperature was rising in the back of the car. Dunkin was nowhere to be seen, he ran off into the area where desert grows. At this point, I hoped coyotes would not get him. I was screaming for them to listen to my pleas and my proof that it was a rental and I do indeed have MS and need my service animal for my well-being. Again, I was shouted at while they walked around calmly with no care for Dunkin or my safety. My safety was compromised the moment they ignored me and Dunkin’. They never read me any rights, and continued to walk around, ignoring how hot I was in that car. It felt like a fish out of water and I was gasping for air.

Dunkin’ came back through the desert area to about 10 yards north of the vehicle which obtained me. I screamed again, and begged them to keep him safe. They again chased him, frightened him, and he ran northbound. I never saw my Dunkin’ again.

At this point the sergeant… Robert Hardt, was called to the scene. I was let out of the vehicle, still cuffed very tightly. I am 5 feet tall and weigh 110 lb’s. I whistled in vain to call Dunkin’.. I was not allowed to walk towards the area he has run towards. I was not allowed to move. I was on the gravel on the side of the road waiting for the cops to do something. I begged the sergeant to lead me, with the cuffs, or however he seemed fit, in order for me to be able to get to Dunkin’ to whistle for him. He told me not to worry and “the dog will come back.”

A cop car came back with Dunkin’s destroyed body in it. I asked an officer… is there anything left… the red headed one with the glasses and blue eyes shook his nod, indicating that there was nothing left to see. At that point, I began to mourn. I screamed and I screamed in shock. My hands were still cuffed. I was thirsty, the srgt gave me water from a water bottle he had in his car. Around that point, I was uncuffed. I called my friends and family in NY and AZ and no one answered for what seemed an eternity. I finally reached a friend in NYC and I screamed in agony at the trauma I had just undergone.

The srgt called ambulance to see about my MS. They said to me, “you cannot scream and cry in my ambulance.” I refused treatment since I could not help my emotions of having lost my dearest best friend in this earth. They wanted to sedate me and start and IV on me. I refused this as I did not think I would wake up if I allowed them to stick a needle in me. Already they had violated me.

A sheriff’s chaplain was then called to the scene. My phone died, and I was able to speak to my brother, who was in Hawaii vacationing, through the srgt’s cell phone. My brother was extremely concerned about my MS as he understands the close bond that Dunkin and I have shared for almost 8 years. I was in no condition to drive, I do not know who drove the rental back to the rental location. My belongings were put in a bag, I was put in a car with the chaplain and I continued to document my bruising by photographing my wrists with the time on the dash board.

I grieved the entire way to the hospital asking the chaplain for words of consolation and he was speechless. The bruising on my legs from kneeling on the tar/gravel started to emerge when I got back to NYC. I have attached those pictures in a previous email. I was never cited for anything, I was never read any rights, I was not arrested. I ended up in the hospital and was given a sedative. I had x-rays taken of my wrists as the pain was excruciating to the slightest touch.

My friend Andrea Barker took Dunkin’s remains to the animal crematory where Dunkin’ was cremated. His remains arrive in New York in a few days.

I have already felt the symptoms of MS which has been in full remission for 4 years. My left hand buzzes and tingles, my capacity to concentrate has diminished and my job is in jeopardy. I am a Master’s degree student at NYU and begin a new class tomorrow. I have received 2 A’s and 3 B’s in the coursework I have achieved and I hold a position of Learning Specialist at the College of Dentistry. I am my sole provider and feel the stresses of this trauma impeding my rest, my work, my concentration, my spirit (which feels broken). I experience nightmares nightly and sever bouts of mourning. My life is not the same.



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BP Killing Off Horses On Public Land To Get Oil Leases

Above Top Secret is reporting that their investigative piece into the killing of Mustangs on public lands to allow BP to receive drilling leases and oil pipeline permits on public lands is being picked up by CNN.

The ATS report investigates the relationship of corruption between BP and the Federal Government, which includes a corrupt culture of sex, drugs and bribes, to side step Federal laws that would otherwise prevent BP from attaining the leases on public lands.

The La Times reports on the issue:

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s take on controversial wild horse roundup The federal Bureau of Land Management’s controversial roundup of approximately 2,500 wild horses in Nevada has been met with protest from outraged animal advocates who argue that the measure is cruel and unnecessary. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar explains his position on the mustang dilemma in The Times’ Opinion section…

In the Times’ opinion piece published by Salazar begins by pointing out that wild horses have been under threat from loss of habitat for decades.

Since Spanish conquistadors brought horses to the American continent four centuries ago, the majestic animals that once roamed wild on our nation’s great prairies have endured dramatic changes in the American landscape. The grasslands of the Midwest gave way to farms. Barbed-wire fences closed the ranges of Texas. Western cities grew and suburbs sprawled.

Having lost much of their range, wild horses teetered on the verge of disappearing in the 1960s, prompting Congress to pass the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, which established new federal protections for the animals. Over the last four decades, the Bureau of Land Management has helped wild horses thrive and populations recover on the arid expanses of public lands in the West.

Salazar then goes on to point out while much work has been done to protect the horses and help them to regrow their population there is still much work to be done.

Though an American icon is again flourishing, the job of restoring the health of wild horse herds is far from complete.

Salazar then contradicts himself by saying the horses are under threat from over population on Federal Lands and then makes the argument that the best way to protect them is to drive them off of Federal Lands the only place where their populations are flourishing.

Without natural predators, wild horse populations have grown beyond the carrying capacity of the sensitive and sparse lands on which they live, causing damage to ecosystems and putting them at risk of starvation. As a result, federal managers must move thousands of wild horses each year off the range to pastures and corrals, where they are fed, cared for and put up for adoption.

The current situation is unsustainable.

The American people expect the health of their lands and watersheds to be protected, and it is unacceptable to allow wild horses to be malnourished on inadequate ranges. Yet no one wants to see them gathered and moved off Western ranges. Moreover, the status quo comes with a steep price tag. The federal government spends more than $60 million a year on the wild horse and burro program, of which $35 million goes to the care and feeding of the horses.

A broad range of animal rights organizations, conservationists and Western communities agree that we cannot continue down the current path. We must change course.

I agree.

Go figure.

The ATS investigation reveals the real reason that Salazar made the decision to drive the the horses from Federal lands was so BP could install an oil pipeline.

Here is a rushed transcript from a piece of part 2 of the investigation by ATS News.

We have guys like Ken Salazar now talking toughing saying we are going to crack down we are going to get to the bottom of this.

I am not sure if I trust Ken Salazar to do that.

Ken Salazar before he became a Senator, before he became Secretary of the Interior was a cattle rancher.

… I know what [Ken Salazar] has said about horses. Wild Horses they have no place on public range. They have no place there despite the fact that is what the law of the land says.

Ken Salazar has the same view of public lands that Bush and Cheney had for all of those years.

The public lands are for the public of oil companies, mining companies and cattle companies.

That’s the public they serve.

Those public lands are there to be exploited.

The American public is being ripped off every single day, every year to the tunes of billions of dollars.

We have this image of oil men, and gas men, wild catters, and the miners, the rugged individuals cattleists taming the west.

Its a bunch of crap.

All of those individuals exist because they suck off the public teet.

They are welfare, it is corporate welfare or they wouldn’t exist.

The report then goes on to discuss how environmentalists put together the a trail of documents showing that the Federal Government had other motives to drive the horses off Federal Lands.

The decision to drive the horses off the land was made during the course of discussions about the installation of a BP oil pipeline on the Federal Lands called the Ruby pipeline.


BREAKING: AETA 4 Case Dismissed, But Re-Indictment Possible

By Will Potter

U.S. District Court has thrown out the indictment of four animal rights activists who were charged with violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, because the government did not clearly explain what, exactly, the protesters did.

When Joseph Buddenberg, Maryam Khajavi, Nathan Pope and Adriana Stumpo were arrested in 2009, prosecutors said little other than that the group allegedly chalked slogans on the sidewalk, distributed fliers and attended protests. Later, when they were officially indicted, the government was still tight-lipped about how their non-violent, above-ground protests amounted to “terrorism.”

In response, the Center for Constitutional Rights and attorney Matthew Strugar led an effort to have the indictments dismissed. In short, they argued that the charges should be dropped because they seem to involve only protected First Amendment speech, but that in order to make that argument the defendants’ speech must be clearly identified…..

A Day In A Dying Empire: An intimate fable on current events

By Phil Rockstroh

But I am losing heart searching for the monster’s heart. Thus far: finding only my own spleen. For this reason: our collectives striving and private equivocations seem the thanotopic dream of destroyer gods: The nightmare manifested before us as strip malls and shopping plazas … constructed of bones of extinct species; interiors of suburban subdivisions shuffling with resentful phantoms … estranged from the libido of culture and communion; dead zone freeways … the air shaken and riven by the roar of its death-enamered fury.

Before me: Atlanta Georgia, USA … glazed in asphalt inferno of late-June…..

There are forces in place that continue to protect the Fish and Game Department’s right to kill animals…..

By Dominique Landis

On this 4th of July weekend I am reminded that although I have freedom of speech, my civil rights are limited. There are forces in place that continue to protect the Fish and Game Department’s right to kill animals. Ultimately the NRA is very powerful and supports hunting. Top officials in the government are placed strategically to support government agencies to make their own rules at local levels for using wildlife management to hunt

The California Fish and Game Department does not use any other methods to control wildlife other than killing. The California Department of Fish and Game is listed on the State government website under the tab of “recreation”.

This weekend is a holiday weekend….

Purgatory for now, but Hell awaits…..

By Jason Miller

Now that I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on the two hours that Judy (my friend and fellow activist) and I spent with Raymond Tucker on the evening of 7/2/10, I’ve decided to put my findings and thoughts down for publication as a follow-up to Hell on Earth for horses. Neither Ray nor I displayed the antipathy that we naturally feel toward one another (him for a bunny hugging do-gooder and me for an animal exploiting redneck), which was good in that it enabled both of us to achieve our goals. Tucker got to execute his dog and pony show to near perfection, almost convincing me that he is a decent horse lover who performs an essential ‘service’ to the horse population at large. And I got to gather the information I sought…..

Bite Club of KC: Bringing a home demo to a neighborhood near you….

Today we visited the home of Dianne Durham, an important cog in the animal exploitation machine of vivisection at the University of Kansas Medical Center. As I announced at the beginning of our demonstration, the purpose of our visit was to shame her for torturing helpless primates and to inform her neighbors that a monkey torturer lives amongst them. To the best of my knowledge, this was the first home demo ever done in Kansas City.

[Editor’s Note: It has come to our attention that Dianne Durham may not be directly involved in the nonhuman primate vivisection at the University of Kansas Medical Center, but as stated above, she is an important cog in the animal exploitation machine at KU Med, and as such bears responsibility for the enslavement and torture of sentient beings and for the fraudulent waste of our tax dollars].

We are uncertain as to whether or not Durham was home, but a number of her neighbors stepped out to listen to our twenty minutes of chanting, engaged us directly, and/or took one of our fliers (pictured above)…..


By Ovid

How vile a crime that flesh should swallow flesh,
Body should fatten greedy body; life
Should live upon the death of other lives!
With all the bounteous riches that the earth,
Earth best of mothers, yields, can nothing please
But savage relish munching piteous wounds,

A Cyclops’ banquet[7]? Can you not placate
Without another’s doom – a life destroyed-
The urgent craving of your bellies’ greed….

Listen to them, they are screaming …

By Stacey


Simulposted with Our Compass

“Bludgeon me to death, anally electrocute me, or skin me alive, I am the victim of your greedy hell …”

If we’d only listen, this is what we’d hear: the despair, the torment, the utter depravity of fur, ripped from still-conscious animal victims. To subject animals to these conditions, borne of greed, vanity, and self-serving lifestyles, is the fault of human motives, not animal genetics.

There are links below to graphic footage of the fur industry; be forewarned that it is brutal, unconscionable, and wretched. However, if you can wear, profit from, participate in, or support it in any manner, you can watch it, this should not be hidden from society, the animals are victims of such, not consenting contributors.

This alert is focused on one furrier, but it can be used for any. If you see a fur and skin store, tell them how you feel. If you know people who wear fur, tell them the secrets of the industry, and even if you don’t know anyone, tell someone anyway. If you are concerned that a product you want to purchase contains real fur, play it safe and don’t. And remember, those animals considered “family members” in one culture are the same considered expendable resources in another: cats, dogs, and rabbits, for example, and as long as some are exploited, others will never enjoy any freedom…..

This is not only dangerous, it is unscientific…..

Reply to Dr. Andrew Weil’s Article on Saturated Fats

By David Irving


Dr. Andrew Weil attempts to turn the debate on nutrition and cardiovascular disease upside down in his July 2, 2010 Huffington Post blog “Fat or Carbs: Which is Worse?” According to his article, we’ve all been brain washed into believing the false dogma that saturated fat is a significant contributor to heart attacks and strokes. The villain responsible for our indoctrination is one Ancel Keys who, Weil notes, started it all off way back in 1970 with his Seven Countries study showing that “animal fat consumption strongly predicted heart attack.” Since then the healthcare profession led by agencies such as the American Heart Association and the College of Cardiology have turned Ancel’s theory into near orthodoxy. The rest of the healthcare establishment, the science community, and the public have rolled over in benign subservience to the fearless leadership of Keys and various locksteppers following in his wake….


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Horses stampede at parade, injuring 24

A broken signpost lies on the ground after out-of-control horses  ran into people in Bellevue, Iowa.

A broken signpost lies on the ground after out-of-control horses ran into people in Bellevue, Iowa.


(CNN) — An Independence Day parade in Iowa descended into chaos when when two horses went out of control and took their wagon with them, running into crowds of celebrants and leaving more than 20 people injured, according to authorities.

It happened at the Bellevue Heritage Day Celebration Parade in Bellevue, Iowa, on the state’s eastern border with Illinois.

Fire Chief Chris Rowling told CNN that emergency officials responded to a call that came in just before noon, about a “mass casualty incident” at the annual Fourth of July parade.

Rowling said two horses pulling a wagon went out of control along the parade route. They ran with the wagon for about six blocks, hitting numerous children and adults.

A total of 24 people were taken to hospitals in the area. The injuries ranged from abrasions to fractures to collapsed lungs. Five people were in critical condition and five were in severe condition, while 14 people had injuries considered minor, Rowling said.

He added that the injured ranged in age from 2 to 62, with more than half being under the age of 12.

Rowling said one of the horses hitched to the wagon dislodged the bridle of the other horse, compromising the driver’s ability to control them both.

Iowa Gov. Chet Culver issued a statement on the incident, saying his “thoughts and prayers” were with the injured and the town.

“I am especially saddened because the accident occurred during the events celebrating Independence Day, which is a day that should be filled with pride and joy for all Iowans and Americans,” Culber said, adding that he thanked the spectators who aided the injured, and the emergency responders at the scene.


Protesters want the ONPRC shut down…..

Please distribute widely by email, social networking sites, and/or posting on your sites/blogs….

Here is an accounting we received from an activist who participated in the action:

at 8:15 am the Bus headed to the ON#PRC in beaverton. five activists were already laying across the roadway entrance in a lockbox.

The facility workers had to park on side streets and walk through the 35 or so demonstrators and the barrage of our insults, curses, etc.

Locals who live in the area gathered and watched. we yelled, and yelled, and yelled. 18 or 19 officers, 9 cop cars, 3 bike cops, one police truck, 2 K-9 units, stood guard. four radio stations, every local tv station, and AP Press, all showed up, took images & interviews.

Four hours later, an armored police truck rolled in & out came the guys in riot gear. the local fire dept. also joined in. with the arrival of the riot cops also came the arrival of a saw the police then used to cut the activists out of the lock box.

Each of the five were cuffed & taken. the rest of the group left peacefully. one of our rep’s told us they’d been arrested for disorderly conduct and would be out in a couple hours…..

The Whales Win—For Now

By Gary Smith

The fact that a compromise was a possibility is disheartening to say the least, and that environmental groups and the Obama administration supported it is even more distressing. Despite a 24-year ban, governments and organizations are losing their will to hold Japan – as well as Iceland and Norway – accountable according to laws already on the books…..

Dr. Steven Best on the Animal Standpoint

Interview in Solon, Greece (June 2010)

A rare victory….

Yesterday I was still in Portland for the Let Live Conference and participated in an anti-foie gras at Le Pigeon, a recalcitrant animal-exploiting restaurant whose owner insists upon continuing to serve diseased liver from tortured ducks and geese.

About 50 passionate and aggressive Animal Rights activists chanted and yelled at Le Pigeon customers and employees with a vehement insistence that they end their complicity in the abject cruelty of foie gras.

Because we must……for their sake

By Jason Miller

As ethical vegans and Animal Rights activists, each of us faces our own set of unique and significant challenges and makes difficult sacrifices to advance the cause for which we persevere. While the types and degrees of adversities we encounter as a result of our insistence upon drawing nonhuman sentients into an all too exclusive anthropocentric moral circle vary, we each face substantial tribulations imposed by our choice to fight specieism and its accompanying bloody barbarism.

Yet for me (and probably for many of you), the spiritual sustenance and fulfillment that I derive from my strong moral stand as a voice, thinker, writer, and agitator for an infinitely just cause far outweighs the inconveniences, insults, semi-isolation, financial strain, professional risk, legal difficulties, broken relationships, harassment, intimidation, and similar hardships that I’ve endured…..


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Requiem For A Bat

Programs like Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel, in which Bear Grylls set fire to a cave filled with bats to smoke them out and then gleefully beat them to the earth with a club before stomping them to death, must be brought to an end. They can only perpetuate the unwelcome idea that any non-human creature is some foreign object to be treated in any way people wish, no matter how cruelly. Grylls’ actions differ little from some of his Medieval counterparts who for entertainment used to tie cats to their heads and run full speed against a concrete wall smashing the cats to death against the wall. In fact, the indiscriminate killing of cats in the 14th century during the period of the plague, like throwing them from belfry towers to kill the evil spirits they were thought to possess, also had the effect of increasing the incidence of the disease. With fewer cats to control the rat population that carried the fleas responsible for transmitting the plague, it was easier for the disease to spread. Superstition and ignorance can kill, and cruelty to animals will always have consequences.

I have personally witnessed the gleeful, sadistic killing of an animal on only one occasion. That happened when I was a boy and observed a schoolmate wire the feet of a live frog to an electric transformer, pour gasoline over the frog, and then turn the transformer on so that the frog was electrocuted and set on fire simultaneously. This boy was so thrilled by his action that he repeated it again and again on the same frog that he had killed, laughing gleefully with a wild, crazed look in his eyes……

By David Irving

Submitted by Jason Miller