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Prayers or Junk Mail?

December 7, 2010 Leave a comment

INTERVIEWER:   Isn’t it ironic that you say ‘prayer is so powerful among your People’…  Can you elaborate for us a bit?

STANDING WOLF:   Yes, of course, I will try.  Our People have forever been sending our Prayers to Creator through the Spirit of Tobacco.  Anything you do with your heart, there is no need to ‘bless’ any further.  It is all in the intention of our actions.

Therefore, in my strongest moments of Prayer, you see, I run out of tobacco, so I run to the store to buy some, cause it is late, and I don’t want to bother anyone with my personal things, I buy the tobacco and run home, with a Prayer in my heart.

I get home, sit down and with a smile, I look down at the pack of tobacco that I have just bought, which, for me, will become a Source of Prayer, …  in big letters on top of the pack, I see written:  DON’T POISON US with a picture of children next to it…

Isn’t it ironic indeed, that what WE see as Prayer and Spirituality, YOU see as poison.

INTERVIEWER:   Yes of course…  (covering the mic) ‘Cut to a commercial’  We’ll be right back!


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