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Truth and Tax Cuts

Truth and Tax Cuts

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The corporations and the multi-millionaires and billionaires lust for more and more wealth and power although they, unlike ordinary Americans, have multiplied their wealth by a factor of 5 during the last 9 years of government give-aways. They have out-sourced labor to destroy the U.S. working class and to gain extreme profits from the sweat-shop labor of Chinese peasants.

They saddle us, our children and our grandchildren with the debts from continuous war and from the tax breaks they received during the G.W. Bush presidency.   They are forcing the extension of these tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires and this will cost us trillions of lost tax revenue, our freedoms and perhaps our lives.   Our workers, unemployed because of out-sourcing, are being held hostage by the insatiable greed of the wealthiest of the wealthy.   “”the plunder from the poor is in your houses.   What do you mean by crushing my people and grinding the faces of the poor””   Isaiah 3:14.

Corporate greed has forced the U.S. to bail out the Wall Street Investment Gamblers, allowed Big Pharma to take huge profits in Medicare, filled the pockets of the insurance companies, killed 2,998 on 9-11 to promote support wars of aggression as in Iraq and Afghanistan for corporate profit and purchased the votes of far too many senators and congressmen.

Corporate greed has taken our civil rights, i.e., our right to life, our right for peaceable assembly, our right to free speech, privacy and more.

Corporate greed has made Truth illegal during the Obama administration.   Private Bradley Manning, who dared to expose the Truth about the deliberate murder of 7 unarmed civilians, including newspaper reporters and 2 children, now sits in a military prison.

The Obama Administration is on a vendetta against Truth and Australian citizen Julian Assange of WikiLeaks who now sits in a jail cell in London.   “”you hate those who reprove you in court and despise those who tell the truth. You trample on the poor”” Amos 5: 10-11.

But, back to the Senate Bill which proposes to extend the tax give-aways to the wealthiest.

It provides for the beginning of the gutting of Social Security by reducing our contribution to our own retirements by 2%. This will “help us” by eventually making us dependent upon non-existent government welfare instead of our own Social Security benefits.

This bill will be “good for the economy” by putting more money in the hands of the rich who spend nothing to help us and will put us a trillion or more dollars per year further in debt.

It will “prevent recession.” It promises jobs.   In China ? For 43 cents an hour?


While all of these abominable things are happening, once again Obama is breaking another of his promises. “Ending the war in Afghanistan” has become a request for 30,000 more troops.

Unlike Obama, Bernie Sanders tells the Truth.

We are in a class war. The rich are attacking us, destroying our freedoms and democracy and making us pay dearly for what we are losing.

If we don’t stop them now, when?

Jon Larsen is a retired educational psychologist and carpenter/contractor who lives in a small town in southern Arizona. He enjoys nature and being an amateur primatologist, playing tennis,golf and writing. He volunteers at the Food Bank, the (more…)

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