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INTERVIEWER :  OK, let me understand correctly:  You’re saying that you think you can make a difference in the way people think,

simply by helping them to ‘unlearn’ what they have been taught in school, could you elaborate a bit for us on this?

M. SAKKINEN :   Well, that is a loaded question, but I will try to answer it for our listeners…  To ‘unlearn’, is to empty our cup, one which has been filled with

all kinds of falsehoods since we were young.  We have basically been lied to all our lives, simply because it is not ‘for us’, the People, to know, what this government,

and the one south of here has done to the Original Inhabitants of this Land.

How would YOU react, if I told YOU that Hitler was only a ‘child’ in comparison to his ‘teachers’ overseas?  He was only studying his enemies very carefully

and learned quite rapidly how to ‘deal with HIS un-desirables’, as his enemies did so well in dealing with THEIRS, not so long ago, either!

Hitler wrote and bragged about this in his diaries…  But this is only one strand in a huge web of deceit…  kind of like a veil pulled down over us so we do not see.

The story is as endless as you have time to study it for.  Time and time again, you see racism, intolerance and bigotry against the First People here on this continent.

What we have to do is empty our cup, thus relearn what has happened.  Only those who WANT to will be the ones to help uncover this Genocide of incredible proportions.

Of course, it cannot be undone, but Creator is waiting for us to un-veil the horrors of this past, just like the government and the authorities are so happy to do,

if and when something would happen to us.  How they love to embarrass us publicly, in a subtle attempt to ‘hush us up’…

What happens, when you learn Real Truth, things you should not know, your Life suddenly changes and you start to really examine the roots of the society in which you live.

You want to make a difference, you really want to change things, even if it is one person at a time.

INTERVIEWER :  You say ‘empty your cup’…  I automatically thought of AVATAR, since that quote is also in this movie…  It is an Indian saying, is it not?

M. SAKKINEN :  You are absolutely right, yes, it is in that movie, and I am glad you pointed that out.  This phrase was said by the Indians, yes, not sure exactly, though,

where it comes from originally…  The film AVATAR is simply a re-telling of history, with a very different ending, obviously, since the Indian does not ‘win’ in our situation,

but if you examine this movie, and have a bit of history under your belt, you can see the re-telling in progress on many occasions in this movie:

For example (and I will only use one here):  When both Sigourney Weaver and her boss are in his office, and he is speaking, he says the following: (among so much more that I will omit here)

“They are a bunch of fly-bitten savages that live in a tree.   They can move! I see a lot of trees here!!”

When studying the history of the Cherokee Tribe and their ‘ethnic cleansing’ in the 1840s during their ‘Trail of Tears’, president Andrew Jackson,

the author of this criminal act (and so many others who took his ‘lead’) himself a land speculator, said to his militia (after finding gold deposits in Georgia and Florida):

“Build a fire under the Cherokee.  When it gets hot enough, they’ll move!”

The stories of this kind are endless, but if we can put the Light on them, if we can have them see the Light of day, suddenly we feel empowered, we feel as though we want the whole world

to know what injustices were committed here, on the land we now walk and thrive on…  It is an incredible feeling, one of Honor and Blessings, because we are the ones chosen to know this.

Now, we have the responsibility that goes along with this, which is to share this knowledge with the world entire, only NOT as a ‘conversion’, like the missionaries forced their beliefs on the Indian,

but giving People a choice, so that they can make ‘educated’ decisions, and do what they want.

Submitted by Luc Majno

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