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CONVERSATIONS [3] – The Elders Speak

INTERVIEWER:  Good morning to you, I am so glad you could come and talk to us!  We can’t wait to hear your story and what you have lived through!  (pointing rudely at her)

Could you sort of…  uh..  sit up a bit straighter…  yeah, like that…  (turning discreetly to the cameraman) Uh, Louis, could you uh…  not get too close to her, you know…

she’s a bit old and wrinkly, you know…  (big artificial and patronizing smile to the guest) – giving the cue for recording…  ‘Three, two, one…..’  giving the mark, saying ‘OK,

stand by, everyone’…  (rolling her eyes) … for the third time!!

ELDER WALKABOUT:  (in a lower voice)  “That’s it, give it all you got, my dear… and then, in about an hour, you’ll be ‘outta here’ and never to return!  I always am hoping…

hoping for the Human Spirit… Hoping that they will send me someone to have us talk to who will care about us, not just an appointment or a mark on the calendar, but someone

who WANTS to help us uncover Truth…  (getting a louder voice)  You see, in my Culture, I would have NEVER come to see you, but YOU would have come to see and interview

ME, the Elder, out of respect for me.  You would have made the Journey to see me, and to really take in the lives of my People…  You…  You are all the same plastic bunch…

Your hearts are made of the plastic from your credit cards…  You come, just to make money from us and our Suffering, and then you leave, laughing…

When it is YOU who could REALLY make a difference if you WANTED to, but I suppose that doesn’t fit your agenda, now does it…  (shaking and re-arranging herself in her armchair)

It is YOU who blame us, calling us inferior to YOU, and here you are laughing at US, and throwing us all to the wind!”

With this, the Elder gets up, takes her blanket in her shaky grasp, turns around and promptly leaves the room, leaving the host, three cameramen,

the boom team, sound and light technicians, and the mixing team, and an array of ‘special guests’ all with their mouths open…

Submitted by Luc Majno

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