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Looking into a future time capsule event where a global scale oil crisis will occur in the distant near future. It is estimated we may have enough oil to last us up to 2030, at this current rate of consumption we may have enough natural gas to last us up to 2060. If all the oil reserves in the world were recoverable life would not change dramatically, from what history has shown us in previous industrial generations, humanity will eventually consume every last drop of oil and dry out this entire planet. When oil & gas runs out there won’t be peace or economic stability anywhere on this planet, the impact will be so severe it may be even cause World War III.

It is also quite possible before the year 2020 that a lot of people will not be able to afford a vehicle with rising gasoline prices, heating your home will also create a hydro electric monopoly in prices, most will be left out in the cold without notice. This world war of oil & global energy control has already started decades ago, we see great companies and banks lasting generations collapse like dominos in this decade. The economic depression in 2008-09 put North America and the whole world in shackles, small & big businesses went bankrupt leaving millions of people out of work.

The future economic impact of excess oil consumption will bring this world a massive market collapse that will also include global environmental consequences. We are all dependant on pumping gas into our cars and heating our homes but one day fossil fuels will be a thing of the past. This new future “”Oil Change’’ in energy alternatives will alter the way we think, eat, commute, socialize and mate. The final outcome when oil and gas runs out will create the greatest depression man has ever seen in history. Most of the largest oil reserves in the world are in Iran and Iraq, the United States and Canada have only 5% of the world’s oil reserves and Mexico having another 5%, Iran and Iraq have 70% of the world’s oil reserves..

North America will have to find efficient ways to preserve and create new energy sufficiency, when it comes down to international push and shove something has to give way. There is a lot of talk about off shore drilling and the abundance of oil, but ecological damage, oil and energy security is at risk for future generations. Looking at actual numbers the world may actually have less oil than it believes it may have. The U.S.A. is way past its peak oil stage since the 1970’s.

In the very near future plastics will be very expensive to manufacture and transportation costs will also increase, this will create a new world without the plastic shopping bag, fertilizer, pesticides & agricultural products. Most homes and even electric production plants require gas in order to produce energy. We are talking about a global restructuring plan revolving around energy modification and distribution. Within the next 25 years. most countries will be forced to take care of their own energy & agricultural resources while protecting and maintaining their national interests.

This global franchised world we live in today is like a giant octopus, once it gets a grip on the planet’s resources the elongating tentacles suck up and squeeze the life out of everything standing in it’s way. Unemployment and huge lay offs are inevitable, unemployment insurance benefits will be reduced dramatically or run out of funds creating a welfare state. This future ‘’Oil Change’’ scenario also applies to numerous government funded programs, infrastructure, scientific research, medical, educational institutions, small and large businesses. Major cuts will affect our seniors pension plan & Medicare system threatening socio economic stability, slave labour and mass exodus will increase on a global scale along with crime, disease, food shortages, homelessness, joblessness and even civil war which may include marshal law. We are all heading in the same direction, thanks to oil addiction we are hitting rock bottom, all we can do is change our ways now or face grim consequences later on.

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