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Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone mugged

  • From: AFP
  • November 27, 2010 12:00AM

FORMULA One boss Bernie Ecclestone has suffered a head injury when muggers robbed him of jewellery in London, police say.

It comes just weeks after he said only “simple” people got attacked in the city.

Robbers punched and kicked the 80-year-old billionaire to the ground after pouncing on him and his girlfriend, Fabiana Flosi, 31, outside the headquarters of his business empire, Formula One Holdings.

The four attackers escaped with pound stg. 200,000 ($321,500) worth of jewellery, including a watch and diamond rings, the Daily Mail newspaper reported.

Ecclestone, the commercial rights holder for motor racing’s elite division, compared London with Sao Paolo earlier this month after Formula One driver Jenson Button escaped a roadside assault ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

“You have to remember, we have a lot of problems in England, Oxford Street and places, and in New York people get mugged,” he said.

“They look for victims, they look for people who are a little bit slow and simple, but the people who look a bit bright, they never go after them.”


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