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Karachi CID building hit by huge explosion

11 November 2010 Last updated at 11:47 ET

A Pakistani paramilitary soldier and volunteer help an injured man at a bomb blast site in Karachi The blast took place in the busy evening rush-hour

An attack on anti-terrorist police headquarters in Pakistan‘s largest city, Karachi, has left 15 dead and 30 injured.

The suspected car bomb exploded outside the police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) building, reducing parts of it to a pile of rubble.

TV footage showed bloodied victims being taken away on stretchers.

An eyewitness quoted by AP news agency said the blast had left a crater 3m (10ft) wide.


One witness told the BBC that he had heard gunfire before the explosion.

“I was playing tennis across the road at the Karachi Club when I heard gunshots and then a huge blast,” said Ali Zaidi.

“Everyone started panicking and running toward the changing rooms. Some of my friends have been injured and have been taken to hospital.”

The site of the blast is not far from the Sindh province chief minister’s residence, opposite the Sheraton hotel in the south of the city.


Other buildings close by were badly damaged in the blast, which shattered windows within a two-mile radius.

The blast took place in the evening rush hour as the city was busy with people leaving work.

No group has immediately claimed responsibility for the attack but the Taliban have been behind a number of similar attacks on police and army compounds in recent years.

Pakistan’s commercial capital has a history of violence with sectarian disputes between majority Sunni and minority Shia Muslims regularly flaring.

Karachi has also seen a spate of shootings in recent years, some of them sectarian, which have left many dead. Ethnic divisions are also re-emerging.

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