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BP Gulf Oil Spill Images

ZORIAH – zoriah.net blog

Posted: 06 Nov 2010 01:35 PM PDT

As with most of the topics I cover, just because the BP gulf cost oil spill is out of the headlines does not mean that the problems relating to it have just vanished.  I think a lot of people, and even a lot of photojournalists, miss important stories because they are only interested in the first couple of weeks of a major event.  These images were taken months after the the oil spill and I am quite sure one could go today and gather similar pictures.  This is why I always encourage my workshop students to cover stories that they believe in and think people need to hear and not just the stories that sell.

You can find part one of this story here.

Clean up workers from the US Department of Fish and Wildlife survey a sand bar after fresh oil washed ashore during the previous night.


A pelican soars above a white egret with feathers  smudged in oil


Clumps of oil litter a beach near Venice, Louisiana


A massive pile of bags filled with oil soaked clean up material after an operation to remove oil from a sand bar


A dolphin swims though an area that had been heavily polluted with oil in the wake of the BP spill


A volunteer offers free pet food to residents of Grand Isle, Louisiana who rely on the fishing industry to make a living and support themselves and their pets.  Those working in the fishing industry, as well as their pets, face and indefinite future.  Many have chosen to give up their pets for fears of being unable to feed them.


A local wears a shirt reading “S.O.S. Save Our Seafood”


A sign stands in front of a home for sale in Grand Isle, Louisiana.  Many residents fear that their property may now be worth nothing as the tourism trade in the area has been decimated.


A volunteer cleans an oil soaked bird in a bird rehabilitation center


Workers try to remove oil from a contaminated beach


One of the tens of thousands of offshore oil drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico


A cleanup boat speeds through a waterway in one of the many contaminated regions of Louisiana.  My sincere thanks to the US Coast Guard for allowing me access to their airplanes in order to capture images like the one above.


A large clean up crew labors to clean up a beach after yet another batch of oil washes ashore

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