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Welcome to the Plutocracy

What did yesterday’s elections demonstrate? While the pundits and prognosticators will give you different opinions, one thing is very clear: It’s time for progressives to get to work.

The right wing runs a “ministry of truth” on television and radio, which spends 24 hours a day whipping up anger and pushing a plutocratic agenda.

We need to continue to build a trustworthy and powerful hub for expressing a true progressive morality. We need to engage more people who are ready to hear the truth – and ready to fight for economic fairness, peace and the cultivation of real democracy.

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Wednesday 03 November 2010

Bill Moyers: “Welcome to the Plutocracy!”
Bill Moyers, Truthout: “Howard [Zinn] championed grassroots social change and famously chronicled its story as played out over the course of our nation’s history.

More, those stirring sagas have inspired and continue to inspire countless people to go out and make a difference.

The last time we met, I told him that the stories in A People’s History of the United States remind me of the fellow who turned the corner just as a big fight broke out down the block. Rushing up to an onlooker he shouted, ‘Is this a private fight, or can anyone get in it?’ For Howard, democracy was one big public fight and everyone should plunge into it.

That’s the only way, he said, for everyday folks to get justice – by fighting for it.”
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