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Tests Now Being Conducted for Corexit and Oil … Results Not Very Reassuring

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Real testing is starting to be conducted on dispersant and oil in the Gulf, the results are not looking so good:

* U.S. Government press release says NOAA, FDA now testing for dispersant: Corexit ingredient DOSS found in 13 samples — Up to 500 ppm allowed in shrimp, crabs, oysters [“DOSS” stands for Dioctyl Sulfosuccinate Sodium Salt – which might be nastier than BP is telling us]

* Crab containing 8,815 ppm of hydrocarbons had NO smell or sight of oil — “We were astonished there were levels like that”

* Research team “uncovered a PAH bonanza” — And just 190 parts per BILLION of PAHs is “considered pretty toxic” says professor at NASA installation

* Scott Milroy, a marine scientist at the University of Southern Mississippi, said seafood samples he gathered in September along the Mississippi coast showed levels… hundreds of times higher than the levels the government tests found

* TV report on shrimp with nearly 200 ppm oil in digestive system (VIDEO)

* LSU professor: Crude oil in seafood NOT detectable by ‘smell test’ — “We are being lied to”

* Fish organs are NOT the same color as they used to be, says BP/P2S worker — “You cut them open and they’re not the same” (VIDEO)

* Photo surfaces of black substance inside large fish caught by Florida man in late September

* 193 ppm of oil found inside shrimp purchased on Oct. 22 (Lab Results)

* EPA “BP Spill” testing across Gulf finds highest amount of heavy metal INSIDE FLORIDA BAYS — Raises “Level of Concern” (Lab Results)

In related news:

* “World renowned” scientist says currents WILL transport oil throughout Gulf — Florida’s EAST & WEST coasts under threat (VIDEO)

* “As deep as you could go”: No matter how far they dig at beach, the oil is already there — BP dissolved the oil in the water and it seeped into sand

* Head of cleanup on MS island: “Finding more and more and more oil” — “And this is like the fifth time we have come through here” (VIDEO)

* Reconnaissance flight over Gulf finds wetlands surrounded by oil (PHOTOS)

* BP cleanup worker: Oil “really hasn’t even been touched” — It’s “rolling in as we speak” (VIDEO)

* 60 percent have “NO TRUST” for BP’s information or the Feds’ response (Mobile, AL Survey)

* Clean up workers say that BP is limiting how much oil cleanup workers can clean up, and instead just covering oil up with sand, and that Corexit is still being sprayed at night:


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