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Residents battle to save parkland

3rd November 2010

RESIDENTS of West Ballina are battling to save their parkland.

They want to keep Porter Park as a sporting field and park rather than see any building on it.

Ross Pickering is part of an act-ion group which has been formed to take on Ballina Shire Council, which has identified Porter Park as the site for an Aboriginal Child and Family Centre, which would be the first of its kind in NSW.

Mr Pickering and other residents make it perfectly clear that they see the need for such a centre, but they don’t want any sort of building on Porter Park.

“The park is used every day,” he said.

“There are only two sporting fields in West Ballina.

“Why should we lose one of them?”

The residents point to Lennox Head, where the villagers have battled to retain Williams Reserve as a sporting field.

Porter Park was set aside as parkland by the Porter family, which developed the West Ballina estate more than 30 years ago.

Vi Lyons is one of the earliestresidents in the estate, and she doesn’t want to see anything built on the park.

“It’s such a beautiful park,” she said.

The residents said the centre could be built at Treelands Reserve or the council could buy land at West Ballina, like the block next to the Good Guys, and build the centre there.

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