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Sanaa: The United States Plans to Occupy Yemen

Monday, November 1, 2010
WASHINGTON: Yemeni politician accused the United States of planning to occupy Yemen, at the time condemned the MPs, including his American exaggeration in the case of suspicious packages which arrested the background Yemeni named Hanan heavenly released later.
Salah said the Secretary-General Sayadi People’s Democratic Party of the island that the United States seeking a foothold in Yemen, and not aimed at his Government’s cooperation in the fight against “terrorism.”

He added, “Yemen has been subjected to the pressures of direct U.S. military intervention to fight al Qaeda, and remained the Yemeni government resist these pressures, so it came to bargaining on the island of Socotra.”
He warned to be suspicious packages like a ship captain when the British occupied Aden Haines in the eighteenth century, or the argument that it is based on, and Washington to justify the future work against Yemen.

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced his rejection of outside interference in the affairs of his country, said in a news conference the day before yesterday, “We do not want and will not allow one to interfere in Yemeni affairs and the pursuit of terrorist elements of al Qaeda in Yemen.

Direct military intervention:
He pointed to American statements in the past of perception of Yemen “powerless” or “not serious” in fighting terrorism, and considered that these are steps that lead to direct military intervention.
“The Americans are trying to control the Bab, and the island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean, it also appears that the region is coming to a big event we do not know what it is, and I think that Yemen will be part of this great event.

Dramatize the U.S.:

The Yemeni Parliament has witnessed a heated debate yesterday, dominated by the media hype about the incident said to have been booby-trapped parcels were sent from Yemen to target synagogues in Chicago.
A statement by the parliament, “Yemen rejected any outside interference in its internal affairs,” he said.  MP Ali al-Ansi said of the great hype of the incident of suspicious packages, “you may worry and dismay  all Yemenis”, and sent serious letters.
He added: “Yemen is a collaborator in the fight against terrorism, and I hope there will be no targeting of Yemen, and not to do harm to the international community to Yemen,” to ask “What is intended to Yemen?”.

A hidden agenda:
For his part, Abdul-Malik Al Fahidi, editor in chief of the ruling party’s mail, to inflate the U.S. administration to the subject parcel has a hidden agenda, as it tries to interfere in Yemen, under the name of war on “terrorism”.
He said that Yemen has signed an important strategic and geopolitical, and oversees the main fjord is the Bab, and “perhaps out of President Obama to talk about the incident suspicious packages confirms that behind the hill and beyond.

Fears of many:
Authorities confirm that the official Yemeni American intervention to combat “terrorism” is limited to training for Yemeni forces only, but many concerns of those who revolve in the corridors of political government did not announce clearly the desire of the United States in direct intervention.
Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs and Minister of Local Administration, said in an interview with the newspaper field of Yemen, that any U.S. military intervention directly in Yemen can strengthen al Qaeda, not vice versa, indicating that the Yemenis are hoping and confirming the structured cooperation with Washington in the fight against “terrorism” on the training, arming and exchange of information only.
Dr Abu Bakr al-Minister of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that Yemen rejects any intervention on its territory in order to combat terrorism, and said: “The fight against terrorism in any country must be based on the armed forces and national security, and does not depend on foreign troops coming to the country concerned.
However, he affirmed that Yemen hopes of the Americans training the Yemeni forces and the provision of equipment, or combat capability and sophisticated weapons and modern means of transport, pointing out that the resolution, however, the Yemeni government in this regard.

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