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I’m Adele Stan, Investigative Reporter on the Right Wing, and I have a message for you:

Tea Party Movement/ American People's Protest ...

Tea Party Movement/ American People's Protest Rally against the Healthcare Bill - Capitol Hil...


Dangerous Brew - Exposing the Tea Party's Agenda to Take Over America

Buy Dangerous Brew

Since the beginning of the Tea Party movement, AlterNet has been on the case, sending me into right-wing gatherings for the investigative reports I’ve been bringing you for more than a year. Now, together with AlterNet’s Don Hazen, I’ve put together a book — available exclusively through AlterNet — about virtually every aspect of the Tea Party.

In Dangerous Brew: Exposing the Tea Party’s Agenda to Take Over America, you’ll find the best reporting AlterNet has featured on the Tea Party movement, as well as reporting I’ve done exclusively for the book. Compelled by our concerns for the future of our democracy, we aim to expose the nature of radical conservative politics in America, and those who fund it, and often manipulate it — the forces I call Tea Party Inc. I’m writing to ask you to buy a copy for a discounted price of $10. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

For a good deal of my investigative journalism career, I have focused on the right wing in America. I’ve attended countless conservative gatherings, deconstructed the organizations, and probed the power brokers and money people who lurk behind the scenes.

Over time I’ve learned how essential this investigative work is. And, frankly, I have been frightened by what I have seen. The radical conservatives in the U.S. are aggressively attempting to dismantle much of what I and many of us feel is invaluable in our country — the safety net of Social Security, Medicare, not to mention the rights of women, minorities, gays and lesbians. They oppose the idea of protecting the earth for future generations, freedom of expression, and even the existence of the public education system itself.

Today the “Tea Party” is ferociously attacking President Obama and any thought of reforming our system. But to fight the conservatives and the Tea Party we need to know what motivates them, how to answer their  propaganda, and understand the structure of Tea Party Inc.  Which is why we compiled this book.

The roots of our current political crisis, with the Tea Party attacking just about everything I believe in, moving the public discourse further and further to the right, is part of a pattern that has been operating for more than 40 years. This latest right-wing uprising, however, is stronger, more destructive and even better-funded than the religious right that preceded it.

In Dangerous Brew, we take you behind the scenes, into seminars for activists conducted by the “journalists” of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal editorial page. We take you to local Tea Party meetings, and inside the minds of these activists. And we suggest ways in which progressives might counter this burgeoning phenomenon. We feature reporting and analysis by top-flight writers, including Bill Moyers, Melissa Harris-Lacewell, Alexander Zaitchik and Michelle Goldberg, to name just a few.

To continue this work, we need your support. To stem the tide of right-wing momentum, we need your involvement in this fight: one way to start is to read Dangerous Brew. Please buy one for yourself, and if you can one for a friend.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement you have given us as we’ve pursued our coverage of the Tea Party and the right. Please help us continue this critical work by purchasing a copy of Dangerous Brew, available here for $10. This book is not available in stores: it’s an AlterNet exclusive.

Best regards,

Adele Stan Adele M. Stan

P.S — This week, AlterNet published my latest investigation, a look at the money behind the big Astroturf groups called Tea Party Inc. Check it out!


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