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Iran nabs several ‘nuclear spies’

Sat Oct 2, 2010 11:15AM
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Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi
Iran‘s intelligence minister has announced the arrest of a number of “nuclear spies,” insisting that the nation‘s intelligence apparatus is actively engaged in countering massive enemy schemes.

Heidar Moslehi also said the enemy has designed and sent electronic worms through the Internet to undermine Iran’s nuclear activities, Mehr news agency reported.

Moslehi emphasized that his ministry is capable of rapidly detecting and taking appropriate measures to counter all destructive moves by “hegemonic powers” in cyberspace.

The minister said assured the Iranian nation that the intelligence apparatus currently possesses comprehensive expertise and control over cyberspace activities and will not allow the enemy to infiltrate and damage the country‘s nuclear endeavors.

“We are always facing destructive activities by these [espionage] services, and, of course, we have arrested a number of nuclear spies to block the enemy’s destructive moves,” the intelligence minister said.

Western sources had earlier claimed that the computer network of Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant was attacked by an electronic virus.


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