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A Call to all sectors of our movements for justice and peace to mobilize for October 2

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The NAACP, SEIU 1199, United for Peace and Justice, the AFL-CIO, Green for All, and a broad range of civil rights, labor, peace and social justice organizations around the country are calling upon us to join them on October 2 in Washington. Leading with a demand for jobs, this will be a massive demonstration to blunt the attack from the right and to unify a majority of Americans around a hopeful and inspiring vision of our nation based on social justice, mutual respect and common values.

Come to Washington DC on October 2 for an emergency mobilization of all our forces at this critical moment before the fall elections!

  • Take our government back from big oil and the banks.
  • Stand up for the well-being and economic security of all our families.
  • Stand up against hatred, intolerance and immigrant-bashing.
  • Stand up for a society that works for all of us.
  • Demand the change that we voted for in 2008.

Dear Friends,

Our country is at a crossroads. Big oil, big banks, big pharmaceuticals, the military-industrial complex and big money of all types have a stranglehold on our government and our society. Their corporate agenda has led us into an unparalleled social crisis marked by economic distress, environmental danger, unsustainable military spending and endless war.

But this is also a time of opportunity for comprehensive, mutually-reinforcing and effective solutions: building a green economy cuts harmful emissions and creates millions of desperately needed jobs; national security based on international cooperation and negotiation rather than war frees up the resources needed to keep our teachers in the classroom and maintain all essential local services; sustainable economic policies protect our environment and foster grassroots economic development. All of these goals are within our grasp and are supported by a growing majority. Together they save lives, dollars and the planet that sustains us.

Yet instead of positive solutions we see the media dominance of an aggressive, energized and reactionary movement of the right fostered by Fox News and an out-of-control talk radio establishment. Intolerance, hatred and immigrant-bashing will be the big story this fall–grabbing national attention and electing extremist candidates who will ride the coattails of that mobilization to make big gains in November and beyond. Unless …

…we all come together to create a vibrant, viable grassroots mobilization built on a vision that inspires action and commitment. That galvanizes the majority for justice and fair play. That builds a movement that involves everyone in dealing effectively with the multiple crises confronting the country.

Now is the time to give visibility to effective policies that actually address our crises of employment, health care, environmental catastrophe and a deepening war in Afghanistan and Pakistan that is draining our resources, undermining out security and killing scores of people every day.

It is critical that our social movements join together with labor and major African-American and Latino organizations to make a broad-based showing of strength.

Fortunately, the NAACP in Washington and SEIU 1199 in New York have initiated “One Nation Working Together.” Exciting meetings in New York and Washington brought together the AFL-CIO, many other labor unions, United for Peace and Justice, Green For All and over one hundred other major social change organizations. They are building a mobilization that can unify the majority around a hopeful and inspiring vision of our nation based on social justice.

The signature event of One Nation is a massive march on Washington on October 2, 2010.

They have asked all of us to join them in this major effort to move us off the sidelines of the national debate and out, onto the playing field where we can participate in the fight for the future, starting with the fall elections.

This mobilization addresses only some of the key issues that deeply concern us. But without such a mobilization, all of our efforts will be set back years if the right-wing mobilization is allowed to go unchallenged.

We call on all parts of our social movements to mobilize for the October 2 demonstration and participate in the One Nation Campaign and bring your priorities to D.C.

– The Majority Agenda Project
August 4, 2010

What you can do:


  • Eli Beckerman, Mass. Coalition for Healthy Communities
  • Topper Carew, Urban Neo Productions
  • Charlie Derber, Boston College
  • Joan Ecklein, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
  • John Fitzgerald, Boston Solidarity
  • Kimberly Foltz, Massachusetts Global Action
  • Shelagh Foreman, Mass. Peace Action
  • Marilyn Frankenstein, UMass Boston
  • Ridgely Fuller, Code Pink
  • Ted German, Watertown Citizens for Environmental Safety
  • Ann Glick, United for Justice with Peace
  • Carol Gomez, Mata Hari: Eye of the Day
  • Claire Gosselin, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
  • Cole Harrison, United for Peace and Justice
  • Jeff Juris, Northeastern University
  • Angela Kelly, Mass. Peace Action
  • Marilyn Levin, Co-Coordinator National Assembly to End US Wars & Occupations; Planning Committee Boston United for Justice with Peace; UJP Palestine Task Force
  • Lois Mastrangelo, Justice with Peace Task Force, Watertown
  • Eileen McCluskey, Watertown Citizens for Environmental Safety
  • Duncan McFarland, United for Justice with Peace
  • Suren Moodliar, Massachusetts Global Action
  • Warren Pepicelli, UNITE-HERE New England Joint Board
  • Suzanne Porte, Mass. Peace Action
  • Mike Prokosch, Dorchester People for Peace
  • Carl Proper, UNITE-HERE New England Joint Board
  • Paul Shannon, American Friends Service Committee
  • Mark Solomon, Emeritus Professor, Simmons College
  • Aaron Tanaka, Boston Workers Alliance
  • Weimin Tchen, United for Justice with Peace
  • Chuck Turner, Councilor, City of Boston
* Organizations listed for identification purposes and do not represent an organizational endorsement.
Attachment Size
Attachment Size
MAP Call for Support – Leaflet Version (Acrobat/PDF format) [8] 258.81 KB
One Nation Endorsement Form (Acrobat/PDF format), Return to One Nation [5] 904.6 KB
MAP Outreach Flyer (Single page, Acrobat/PDF format) [7] 460.1 KB
For more information, contact the Organizing Committee – info < at > majorityagendaproject < dot > org or call 617-482-6300

[1] http://majorityagendaproject.org/go/node/95#signatories
[2] http://majorityagendaproject.org/go/node/95#whatyoucando
[3] http://www.majorityagendaproject.org/go/civicrm/event/info?id=11&amp;reset=1
[4] http://majorityagendaproject.org/go/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&amp;id=11
[5] http://majorityagendaproject.org/go/sites/default/files/Endorsement Form .pdf
[6] http://majorityagendaproject.org/go/sites/default/files/MAP-One_Nation_Call_10-2-10.pdf
[7] http://majorityagendaproject.org/go/sites/default/files/flyer-2010-10-02.rev2_.pdf
[8] http://majorityagendaproject.org/go/sites/default/files/MAP-One_Nation_Call_10-2-10_signatories.pdf

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