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Shocker! Over 90% of Americans Choose Sweden’s Socialism

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By Grant Lawrence

Bodhi Thunder

Nearly every American in a survey chose Sweden‘s Socialist wealth distribution over America’s Capitalist system. Over 90% of Americans when presented Sweden’s Socialism chose that system.

More interesting than that, the report says, is that the respondents (a randomly selected 5,522-person sample, reflecting the country’s ideological, economic and gender demographics, surveyed in December 2005) believed the top 20 percent should own only 32 percent of the wealth. Respondents with incomes over $100,000 per year had similar answers to those making less than $50,000. (The report has helpful, multi-colored charts.)

The respondents were presented with unlabeled pie charts representing the wealth distributions of the U.S., where the richest 20 percent controlled about 84 percent of wealth, and Sweden, where the top 20 percent only controlled 36 percent of wealth. Without knowing which country they were picking, 92 percent of respondents said they’d rather live in a country with Sweden’s wealth distribution…..(america blog)

It is clear Americans don’t know what Socialism is. The corporate media has Americans thinking fascism is socialism. But it is clear that Americans could make sound economic judgments on the governing of the economy if they weren’t scared into thinking only in a constrained, indoctrinated way.

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