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Ending Long Gun Registry 2 Votes Short – Survey on next steps

Jack Layton

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Canadian Taxpayers Federation
Dear supporter:

Yesterday a motion in the House of Commons to kill private members Bill C-391 – that would abolish the wasteful long-gun registry – passed 153 to 151.  The CTF shares the disappointment and frustration of many Canadians with this outcome.

Last November, we were successful in getting 21 Opposition MPs to vote alongside 143 government members to pass C-391 on second reading.  But the top-down-government-knows-best-elites in our country are a very powerful force.  Both Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and NDP Leader Jack Layton along with a cabal of special interests managed to turn all but 7 of those 21 votes to support keeping the wasteful long gun registry.

The CTF has worked hard for 15 years to abolish the registry and wants both to thank and acknowledge all of you who got behind this effort with your time and donations. We regret our last ditch effort with radio ads in the final days before this vote were unsuccessful.

Please take 30 seconds to respond to our two question SURVEY (limited to first 5,000 respondents).  Your input helps measure our performance and decide what direction we will take going forward in our efforts to abolish the wasteful long gun registry.

We’d like to acknowledge MPs Candice Hoeppner and Garry Brietkreuz. Both have fought – and continue to fight – a principled battle in getting rid of the wasteful and intrusive long gun registry.  This day is surely disappointing for them, and a word of encouragement for their efforts is certainly warranted.

Finally, 6 New Democrat MPs did not waver in light of considerable pressure from their party bosses and hysterical special interest demands.  They represented their constituents over their party and deserve praise.

As for the others, here is the contact information for both Opposition party leaders Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton and the 14 MPs that switched their votes from opposing the wasteful long gun registry last November, to supporting it today.

— Troy, Kevin, Courtenay, Shannon and the rest of the CTF team

PS: Want to support our advocacy? The CTF is funded entirely by free-willed, non-tax deductible donations – no large corporate, union or government sources. Our small staff ensures that every donation goes a long way! Chip in here.

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