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Bob Chapman’s Comments on Larry Summers’ Resignation

Larry Summers announced his resignation yesterday while Bob Chapman was on the air doing radio interviews. Bob noticed that the price of silver and gold jumped as soon as the news hit the wire.

Bob said on the air at RBN that investors knew that Summers had written a paper explaining why gold and silver had to be held down in price to keep a paper money scam going.

His resignation came at a time when the FEDs were supposed to be intervening to knock down bullion prior to options expirations.

I think that they have given up on bullion manipulation for awhile.

The bad news is that I expect them to collapse the markets soon. I guess after the elections as some of these Tea Party candidates are a little too wacky for Wall Street.

After the dollar collapses, they will take all the Bailout money plus those trillions they stole in missing funds from the DOD, HUD and other agencies and buy America for pennies on the dollar.

I think Geithner and Summers and Bernanke will have to flee the country.


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