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Help Beat a Tea Party Congressman

You know those right-wing conspiracy theorists demanding to see President Obama’s birth certificate? Well, these so-called “birthers” have a Representative in Congress backing them up — California’s John Campbell. Not only did Congressman Campbell sponsor the “Birther Bill” championed by the far right-wing of the Republican Party, he also sided with the oil companies and voted against protecting offshore oil whistleblowers.

He even voted against providing healthcare for 9/11 workers and sponsored legislation to make English the official language.

John Campbell is an example of the worst Republicans have to offer the country. That’s just one reason why DFA members nationwide chose Beth Krom, his Democratic opponent and the former Mayor of Irvine, to be the 2010 Grassroots All-Star.

Beth Krom is running a people-powered campaign to beat Republican John Campbell and she needs our help. If 5 DFA members in your city sign up right now to call voters in Beth’s district this weekend, we’ll have a major impact on this campaign and help elect a progressive leader to Congress. Can we count on you?

Call Democrats and help defeat Tea Party Republican John Campbell.

These calls are easy and fast. We’re only calling already-identified Democratic voters. The key is getting them engaged on this race in a non-presidential election year. We’ll provide the script, the numbers, everything. Beth just needs you to provide the people-power. Taking out right-wing Republicans and electing progressive leaders like Beth Krom is the only way we’re going to build a progressive majority in Washington and tackle major issues like climate change and immigration.

Make no mistake — Republicans are watching this race closely. Obama won this district in 2008. They know the district is trending Democratic and John Campbell’s right-wing politics makes him vulnerable to a strong grassroots campaign like the one being run by Beth Krom. So, sign up right now and help put Beth over the top.

Sign up to make calls to Democrats right now.

With your help we will send a Tea Party Republican packing in November.

Thank you for everything you do to win.


Matt Blizek, Field Director
Democracy for America

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