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TAXING The Lemmings

If you are one of the many that is ( Incapable: lacking capacity, ability, or qualification for the purpose or end in view: 1594, and afraid of your own shadow, have the inability to comprehend. ) This will be beyond your mental ability to do so…

The purpose of confusion in tax laws and regulations is to cause COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. This is a state of mind where conflicts remain unresolved. It weakens the subjects with its prolonged uncertainty. People are then subject to breaking down and having paradoxical conversions. This can be found in researching the phenomenon of brain washing. It is a potent device for control. Some references on this can be found in the following article. The article talks mainly about the medical field, but refers equally well to the tax and law area as well.

This summarizes precisely the deceptive approach that the “U.S. ATTORNEYS have tried to legitimize their blatantly sham legal process with, from the very beginning of case number CR-3-00-019. They have committed fraud upon the grand jury, fraud upon this Court, and fraud upon the American people by proceeding as if the federal ‘laws’ were universally applicable to everyone in America.

Apparently, in their own brainwashed stupor or otherwise acting under the influence of some coercion on the part of those above them in the governmental pecking order, they have attempted to proceed forward, totally ignoring the bona fide requirements to cite the bona fide laws and to provide bona fide proof of their specific applicability. Instead of starting at the beginning of the bona fide due process, they have attempted to skip over the foundational essentials, hoping that no one would notice or challenge such unfounded presumptions. As I have said before, not on my watch!!!! ]


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