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Luxury jewellery stores targeted in raid

15 August 2010 Last updated at 06:32 ET

Royal Exchange The Royal Exchange is a prestigious shopping centre.

Jewellery from two of London’s most upmarket shops has been stolen in a night-time raid.

Raiders smashed windows at De Beers and Omega stores in the Royal Exchange shopping centre in the City of London at about 2200 BST on Saturday.

The alarm at nearby jewellers Tiffany’s went off – but it is not believed any goods were stolen from that store.

The value of the stolen gems is not yet known. City of London police are investigating.

Diamond jewellery

On Sunday morning three Royal Exchange security staff were seen inside the centre taking photographs and measurements.

Police said the robbers turned up in a car before smashing their way into the complex, which is closed at weekends, and grabbing what they could.

CCTV cameras operating in the City are used to log the details of every vehicle driven into the area.

Officers are expected to sift through hours of footage to identify the car and they will also examine images from security cameras inside the centre.

De Beers is best known for its diamond jewellery and Omega for luxury Swiss watches.

The Royal Exchange, built in 1565, is located between Threadneedle Street and Cornhill and boasts more than 30 luxury stores.

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