In order to further understand and investigate «Global Warming» we need to understand the human psychological element and instinctive primal behaviour patterns that result in perilous human actions affecting our entire planet

Homo Sapiens from the Latin word meaning, « Wise Human » or known human are bipedal primates in the family of hominidae. DNA evidence indicates modern humans originated out of Africa about 200,000 years ago. Modern humans have a highly developed brain, capable of abstract reasoning, language and problem solving. This brain capability, combine with an erect body carriage that freeze the forelimbs « Arms » for manipulating objects, has allowed humans to make far greater use of tools than any other species. Human populations are distributed all over the world, the human population on Earth is greater than 6.7 billions, as of July 2008. Like most primates, humans are social by nature, they cooperate with one another, learn and compete in groups or families, they also take care of one another.

Humans have established a variety of traditions, rituals, ethics, values, social norms, and laws, forming the bases of society. They also create complex social structures for business and pleasure. Humans also have established an appreciation for beauty and aesthetics, which, combine with the desire for self expression, leading the cultural innovation such as art, literature, poetry and music.

Humans are noted to influence this desire of seeking and manipulating natural materials and using philosophical ideologies and expressions that form in to art, literature, religion, science and mythologies. This natural diversity has lead to the development of advance technologies and skills that have brought us great innovation, the over all side-effects of this abundant knowledge has also brought us a modern curse called Global Warming.

Humans naturally pass down knowledge from generation to generation, in order that the next generation survives by manipulating new ideologies and then transforming them into new technology or tools for survival. This curiosity goes back to the time when man first created fire, man must have burned himself several times before he got things right. Man’s further ego drawing attention unto himself  is to create, imitate nature and it’s vast power in order to mirror himself as a god-like creature. The true image of Man may actually be quite scary, only to find out in reality that he is just another animal species acting in the same way all other species function, sleeping, eating, mating and finding shelter.

These basic needs for survival are inherit in all animals with lesser intelligence, therefore man has masked his true nature and identity that sets himself apart from nature and the beast, only to live in a plastic bubble of intelligence that ignores the rest of the planet and it’s species. This God-like expression of the human conscious mind has taken humanity beyond the natural boundaries of simple existence. Human intelligence by itself is just another life form created by mind to express itself in materialistic form in order to survive itself from the lack of understanding death and it’s real meaning. The ritual of creation and religion imitating God’s first born in the likeness of man, therefore man is trying to reach out to God the creator by imitating God’s natural power.

Man has to surround himself in this God- like ego syndrome by imitating the power of nature in order to defy death, immortalized in the likeness of an eternal God This ignorant behaviour will result in the demise of the human species because it cannot imitate God’s true nature or repair God’s kingdom, we can only imitate His handy work. Each artificial imitation of nature manipulated by man has certain defects, one of these side effects in our modern day crisis is carbon monoxide pollution and planetary contamination. Modern man has to accept the fact that he is not God and not the ruler of this planet but only an animal created by God living among other animals required to be respected and protected. It is true in Genesis that God gave man dominion to rule the Earth, but this has not worked very well for Man, 50,000 species are going extinct yearly and the entire planet is in distress, when will we ever learn ?

Homo Sapiens are defined as being modern primate species that are living on Earth not only affecting themselves but also most of the other life forms on the planet. Nation http://www.facebook.com/l/76730XO_IKfuD7Gg8Xnis1oHvZg;master.com defines Homo Sapiens as, « Human beings that are defined variously in biological, spiritual and cultural beings. Biologist classify human beings as Homo Sapiens (knowing man), a primate species of mammal with a highly developed brain, belonging to the family of great apes, along with chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and oranqutans. Theologians describe human beings in spiritual terms, using various concepts of soul which, in religion, are understood in relation to divine powers of beings, in mythology, they are also often contrasted with other humanoid races. »

Anthropologists define humans by their use of language, their organization in complex societies, and their development of technology, and especially by their ability to form groups and institutions for mutual support and assistance. Technology has taken over man’s co-existence with nature, man has to realize he is only just another animal that needs to be close to nature, without it humanity is lost and doomed.

Here is a quote from Un-cyclopedia « Human beings are a disease of the species Homo Sapiens, that means hairless monkey’s . They spread to an area and they multiply and multiply, until every natural resource is consumed, they spread all over the globe like a virus. » Tone Lock has been quoted on saying, « To assume humans to be slaves to so intelligent an entity as the prehistoric cockroach would be to doubt the inherent sense of equality and infinite wisdom characterized by it’s species. The roach would not allow itself to have slaves. Roaches were probably more like gods to human. »

We find Homo Sapiens are the most endangered species on the planet, as their natural habitat is being destroyed by those with higher brain functions. Modern climatic changes are dominated by human ignorance and influence, which are now large enough to exceed the boundaries of natural variability. The main source of global change is, human induced industrialization pollutants affecting our atmospheric and planetary composition, this is the result of CO2 car emissions and using outdated coal-carbon factories that are still in use in most local and regional urban growth.

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