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The BP Oil Crisis is actually A Global Health Crisis

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August 2, 2010

By Michele Paiva

Enough about the BP Oil capping; let’s talk about what to do when we are all becoming ill!

The BP Oil fiasco has become like a dirty secret that we are pushing under the carpet. I’ve been hearing plenty of the issues with “capping it”, but what people are not discussing, is the most important aspect of this crisis; the long-term health issues we will eventually all encounter.

No, not just people living near the Gulf, but especially those in the Gulf-stream (right up the east coast, toward England” and beyond.

The propaganda has been that no one really knows the long-term effects. I say that is pure bunk; of course we know! Illness!

Here are a few facts:

-Clean up is by distribution really only. That means moving it around not anything more.

-It is also bio-accumulating. That means that each level of the food chain becomes more toxic; of course, humans being the hardest hit.

-Fumes can rise 12,000 feet, and microscopic droplets can easily become airborne” with some of the chemicals in the oil proven to become readily mixed into our air.

-Accumulated toxins will create worse problems for existing conditions and bring forth new ones; with some of these chemicals being already proven to be stored in fat, bone marrow and more.

-The chemicals are not only toxic but some are corrosive.

We had duct-tape terrorism and H1N1 government imposed scares but this is actually being incredibly downplayed; and it’s imperative we clean up not only the spill but the air, our bodies and get ready now for a very near tomorrow.

Michele Paiva, author of “Fattitude: Lose your F in Attitude”


Philadelphia, PA

Author’s Website: http://www.michelepaiva.com

Author’s Bio: Syndicated writer and radio host, author of 10+ books and former news reporter and anchor, Paiva is also a dedicated wellness and health advocate and researcher.

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