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In Defense of President Obama

I don’t know if I should even come to the defense of President Obama because he has let so many of us down re the environment, allowing the continued mismanagement of the BLM re the wild horses of the West, and a seeming indifference generally to the causes of animals who suffer at our hands – – especially in Confined Animal Farm Operations (CAFOs). However, these are my priorities and sadly they do not seem to be for the majority of people of our nation.

Before launching into a defense of President Obama, I had to mention that despite having access to cabinet advisers and others, I realize that as a mortal being he will make judgments which will not please everyone and some of them may even hurt our nation. However, this is part of the human condition. We are ALL imperfect and realizing that, we should try to give the president as much latitude and leeway as possible. We should also give him due credit for any good he has done. Sadly, I see so much carping and criticizing of him on blogs and in emails that I believe that the good he has done is either forgotten or obscured at least momentarily.

I was really quite shocked how differently I and a person I emailed viewed the president. Admitting that the president was an improvement on Bush, she didn’t have much good to say about him either. She wrote me -“I just don’t like that Obama seems to not care about a lot of the things that this country was founded on. He seems to want to shortcut everything and that’s worrisome.” I scratched my head and wondered what in the world was she talking about? Specifics please, I thought.

She continued: “He made a lot of promises during his campaign, as all politicians do but just seems like he’s done a really 180 degree flip on those promises. I don’t think he’s careful with our money and his whole thing of meddling in private industry isn’t cool.”

The last remark made me realize that she was clueless of how our hands- off policy re Wall Street and the Banks almost brought us to our knees but for the remedies Pres. Obama and his financial advisers put into place at the critical time of his first month as President.

I did respond to her e-mail and said: Thank you for your forthrightness. We do see him very differently. He came in with a huge deficit, the country spiraling from the breakdown of Wall Street and banking institutions, the housing market in turmoil and a huge debt from the two wars. God bless him. Even ONE of those problems would have been much for a new president. He tried to stimulate job growth with a stimulus package and he helped bailout General Motors. This man should be gray-haired by now.

You haven’t gone into specifics as I have. I think he was just what we needed. As for the two wars -he inherited them. I will give him the benefit of the doubt until he really misfires. Obviously, you think he has but you are too general in your condemnations.

In my opinion he has done a helluva job for the nation as a whole. He only disappoints me in is lack of care for the animal issues which I espouse. And I forgot to mention that I believe health care reform was much needed and sadly his appeal to the Republicans of Congress for bipartisanship was ignored. I also do not feel he has threatened our Christian beliefs as you do. Is so how?

Thus far I’ve gotten no response from her. One thing I have learned in my three-quarter century of living on planet earth is that we should give everyone their just due and most of all we should be grateful for any good we perceive in them. President Obama has been good for the country in many ways. I hope he will be good in the ways which are important to all of us and the nation as a whole. This is a humongous task and please -let us praying people pray for him and his administration every day. Criticizing is so easy to do – but understanding the problems which President Obama faces daily requires that we try to support him as best we can. I also try to be as positive as I can. We seem to only zero in on our perceived negatives. What is that song– “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.” Wow -how far back does this song go? Some of you probably weren’t even born yet. But the message is good. Heed it America!

Yes, of course you political pundits know a lot more about politics than I. I’m not saying that we should all wear rose-colored glasses, but I think we should think twice before launching into wholesale criticism which MAY not have any merit and perhaps very little truth.

Author’s Bio: I have been concerned about animal suffering ever since I received my first puppy Peaches in 1975. She made me take a good look at the animal kingdom and I was shocked to see how badly we treat so many animals. At 77, I’ve been a vegan for the past 30 years and I thank God every day that I am. I am most disturbed at how little the Catholic Church and Christian churches generally give to concern re animal suffering in their ministry. I wrote to 350 bishops in 2001 and only 10-13 responded. I feel that the very least they can do is to instruct that the priests give one sermon a year on compassion to animals. I am still waiting for that sermon. I also belong to Catholic Concern for Animals – founded in England in 1929. (They are on the internet) I recently sent a sample copy of their bi-monthly publication called the ARK to the 8 Catholic bishops of Ohio. Only ONE kindly responded. Somehow we have to reach the Christian teaching magisterium. There is next to nothing re animal concerns and compassion for them. They basically believe that animals are the lesser of God’s creation and that gives us the right to do anything we want to them. Way wrong. We need to change their mindsets. The animals are God’s first and He expects us to treat them compassionately.

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July 30, 2010
By Suzana Megles

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