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Chesapeake Bay Water Dirtier Than Your Toilet Water

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Last week the Virginia Beach Department of Public Health issued a swimming advisory for the city’s north end from 83rd to 89th Streets because bacteria levels in the water exceed safe levels.

This week, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that: “Governor McDonnell’s administration says the federal government may be trying to make the James River too clean.” CAN A RIVER BE TOO CLEAN?!

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that a group of biology students performed water quality tests on samples from the Chesapeake Bay against samples from a toilet that had been used, but not flushed in four hours. The Chesapeake Bay water was six times dirtier than that of the unflushed toilet!

Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper!

With coverage of water quality on the front page of many newspapers around the state and on the minds of thousands of summer swimmers and anglers, now is an important time for us to take personal action. We need to remind our friends and leaders of the critical need for strong water quality programs and effective environmental leadership from our elected officials.

Please take three minutes of your time now and help keep this important water quality coverage going across Virginia. We need you to submit a brief personal letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
Your letter will remind decision makers across the Commonwealth of the strong level of support Virginians have for restoration and protection of water quality in all of our local streams, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.

Conservation E-Action Virginia is a project of the Virginia League of
Conservation Voters Education Fund.

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