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Censored Gulf news: US Health & Refuge Humanitarian Crisis

Dr. Riki Ott, toxicologist and humanitarian, has advised that three tough choices exist for Gulf Coast residents: 1) Leave, 2) Stay and wear a respirator, or 3) Become painfully il. EPA whistleblower, Hugh Kaufman explained this week that the “dispersant,” Corexit, is meant to cause internal bleeding and IntelHub reports  today, on Day 100 of the catastrophe, that evidence of acid rain and human suffering due to chemicals has become so clear, it is logically impossible to discredit it, yet a media black-out continues, enforced by black ops.

Gulf chemicals killing humans

“Independent investigative journalist, Dahr Jamail, stated that the air was so chemically laden that you could smell and TASTE chemicals in the air! Headaches and shortness of breath have been reported by hundreds of people, yet we are still being told that the air quality is safe,reports Alex Thomas of IntelHub.

“The evidence is CLEAR CUT, Corexit kills…  People are SUFFERING. Crabs have been video tapped attempting to crawl out of the water, with some already dead, floating belly up in the water.”

Thomas alerts, “Free people throughout the world NEED to be aware of this situation in order for corrective measures to even begin to be put in place.”

Many people say choosing to leave the poisoned Gulf area, where air, food and water is contaminated, “is a personal choice,” and “People have free will.” Disinformation is a weapon of war to control the enemy. When mainstream news media is prevented access to the Gulf coast and workers or broadcasts government propaganda based on Disinformation, it suppresses truth to control populations in need and those who could help. Free will is, therefore, no longer operational. Such is the power of advanced brainwashing, now refined into mind control. No population is immune to mind control targeting.

Mind control exists specifically for behavior control, to remove free will. Aside from propaganda and TV, geophysical weapons, including aerosol chemical spraying and HAARP, are  among the arsenal to control people to act against their best interest, the greatest evil of all human rights violations. Facts about the Gulf humanitarian crisis are being whitewashed to control minds of the people so that millions will be poisoned and millions of others will not reach out to stop the crime against humanity.

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By Human Rights ExaminerDeborah Dupre’

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